About Us

Our Mission

The Bexar county Blue Ribbon Task Force will develop and advance community-based solutions for the problems of child abuse and neglect. Through education, support, and prevention efforts, the Blue Ribbon Task Force will help create a community where all children are cherished and protected.

About Us

We understand parenting is difficult and we have made it our mission to connect families with viable and supportive resources to help alleviate stress, provide guidance, promote healing, and help families create a nurturing and healthy atmosphere for their children. Child safety starts with education and taking action — anyone can be a good parent with the right tools and willingness.

In 2003, the death of Jovonie Ochoa, a four-year-old boy starved by his grandmother, shook our community to the core, and moved us to form the Blue Ribbon Task Force. Our vision is to combine local community leaders, organizations, and volunteers to form a coalition to advocate for children, offer parental support, and educate the public on child abuse awareness and prevention initiatives.

Since our commencement, we have made a difference for many children and families in our communities through the continued efforts of our partners. However, we still have much work ahead of us as our goal is for every child to be safe and loved; and provide a haven for parents to get much needed support.

Take a stand and join us in stopping child abuse and neglect.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Our mission can only be accomplished through a dedicated team effort. Child abuse not only affects individuals on a very personal level but also touches hearts throughout our communities. Our mission is accomplished through a collaborative effort of sharing educational materials, linking families with viable resources, conducting town hall meetings, identifying and building partnerships that support children and families, and encouraging others to get involved through block walks and other special events.