Quick Tips for Parents

Parenting can be confusing, frustrating, and challenging at times.
Here are some quick tips to provide guidance and support for healthy and safe parenting.

  1. It’s OK to ask for help
    No one lives the perfect life, we all need help sometimes.
  2. Take a Time-Out
    Better to step away and calm down, than regret momentary frustration onto a child.
  3. MAKE time for You
    Ask a friend or use resources to ensure you recharge.
  4. Children Need to Be Children
    Keep adult subject matters away from children.
  5. You Are Not Alone
    Parenting is difficult at times, share your challenges with others.
  6. Create Plans for Safety
    Families are capable of creating safety plans to ensure a child is safe.
  7. Don’t Argue in Front of Children
    Arguing can scare children and make them feel responsible for fixing adult problems.
  1. Be a Role Model
    Teach your child how to behave by practicing what you teach.
  2. Set Boundaries and Rules
    Children feel safer with boundaries and rules no matter what age.
  3. Give Praise
    Children like to know they are doing a good job as much you do.
  4. Healing is Possible
    Reach out to others for help; through hard work a family can heal.
  5. Do Not Single Out a Child
    This is called scapegoating and it can make a child feel unloved and resentful.
  6. Keep it Simple and Hug
    A hug can say so much and makes a child feel loved.